Jimbo Fisher Visits Sarasota on May 5th!


Save the date! On May 5, 2014, Florida State head football coach Jimbo Fisher, will be visiting the Sarasota area for a golf and dinner event at the Laurel Oak Golf and Country Club! Stay tuned to the website and our Facebook page for more information! You can also register for the golf tournament by emailing Donnie Melendy at cmr7085@yahoo.com or by visiting the website at https://one.fsu.edu/sarasotamanateetour  

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The Sarasota Seminole Club Participates in Seminole Service Day 2014


Seminole Service Day – March 22, 2014 in Sarasota, FL Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity (link: http://habitatsrq.org/) Over 20 ‘Noles from Sarasota volunteered over 100 hours of time on 2 home projects with Habitat, including their first ever “Veteran” build!!  To volunteer time with Habitat, please sign-up through VolunteerUp! (link:http://www.volunteerup.com/Login.asp?w=i&o=140).  Go ‘Noles!! Sarasota Seminole Club Members Working on a Home on

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National Champions!


The Florida State Seminoles are your 2013 National Champions! On January 6th, the Florida State Seminoles defeated the Auburn Tigers 34-31 in Pasadena, California to earn their third national championship! GO NOLES!!! The Seminoles Future is Brilliant. Consider Increasing Your Renewed Support Everything we Seminoles hoped for and planned for years ago is now coming up roses. We’ve won our

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